The Pill Doesn’t Treat Acne, Endometriosis, nor PCOS – Here’s Why

Sep 6, 2020 | Menstrual cycle

The contraceptive pill is recommended to women for many kinds of problems related to hormonal balance. In this article, I am explaining why the pill doesn’t treat acne, endometriosis, nor PCOS.

The pill has always been presented to women as a solution for numerous problems related to their menstrual cycle. Painful periods? Take the pill. Irregular cycle? You need the pill. Acne? Try the pill. Endometriosis? Don’t worry, there’s the pill!

When I was younger, it was even considered cool to take the pill; it made you feel more like a woman, and it treated all our problems!

Except that, what they didn’t tell us (and still don’t) is that the pill is not a remedy. The pill acts as a band-aid and can sometimes even worsen your issues…

The cycle when on the pill

What you need to know first is that the pill prevents ovulation from happening by putting your reproductive system in pause. It substitutes the hormones produced by your body with synthesized hormones in order to bring the ovary to rest.

So the bleeding that occurs when you’re on the pill isn’t actual periods. It is a programmed bleeding, fixed at day 28 of the cycle to “reassure” women and indicate them that their cycle has been “regulated”.

It is the reason why some women don’t bleed at all when they are under contraceptive.

Therefore, the pill hides irregularity of cycles, acne, endometriosis, and PCOS instead of treating the underlying issue.

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The pill a remedy, but til when?

Taking the pill might satisfy some women who want a quick and effective remedy, because yes, it does remove acne and menstrual pain… But what will the situation be like when going off birth control?

Well, the thing is, once you stop taking the pill, all the previous issues will reappear. Actually, it might be even more difficult for you to treat them afterward.

It took me up to two years to balance my hormones back after going off the pill (I shared my experience in this article), knowing that I had no other previous issues.

But that isn’t all, the pill could also worsen your menstrual issues, without you even realizing it.

When the pill has the opposite effect

If you suffer from endometriosis, PCOS, or hormonal acne, taking the pill could actually worsen it.

According to some studies, the pill could have detrimental consequences on your intestinal flora (1).

It is yet necessary to have a healthy gut to eliminate the excess estrogen produced by your body (or brought by birth control). It is when this elimination process isn’t done correctly that the risk of developing endometriosis (2) and PCOS (3) arises.

Moreover, it is important to know that taking the pill can increase insulin resistance, which can lead to an overproduction of androgens. Yet, it has been proven that excess androgens could cause PCOS (4) and acne (5) .

Unbelievably, doctors keep prescribing the pill to “treat” these issues, without informing women about the harmful consequences it can have on their bodies and fertility.

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What if we have no choice?

Most of the time, doctors won’t give you a lot of choices when it comes to your recovery. It could be because they have outdated information (which I’m not convinced about) or because they constantly want to serve their personal interests.

However, don’t forget that as soon as it concerns your body and health, you always have the choice.

My goal here is not to dissuade you from the pill or to encourage you to go off of it; I wish to inform you that other solutions exist and that it is possible to balance your hormones and gut health naturally.

Learn how I balanced my hormones naturally here!

Alternative medicine and doctors are also there for more severe problems. I highly recommend you doing your research and surrounding yourself with qualified people to take the best choice for yourself.

Obviously, it won’t be as easy, and quick as taking a pill every day, but your health will thank you later.

So, those are the reasons why the pill doesn’t treat acne, endometriosis, nor PCOS. What are your thoughts on the pill and the way they deal with menstrual issues? Let me know in the comments below!


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