In a society where women are encouraged to hate themselves, I help you make your body your best ally.

Like many women, I grew up thinking of my body as my biggest enemy.

I had all the reasons to hate it and make it suffer by doing hours of cardio and eating chicken + broccoli all day, every day.

Until my body eventually rebelled and took me down the path of eating disorders and hormonal imbalances. Not very fun.

I came to understand the hard way that my body just wanted to be listened to.

Society teaches us exactly the opposite by creating unrealistic “beauty” standards and shutting down our bodies with hormones.

But the time has come to take our power back.

Because yes, your body can become your best ally on a daily basis if you learn to listen to it, understand ot, and nourish it the right way.

This is exactly what I intend to share through my blog and my coaching sessions (currently only in French). Because you deserve to have a body you feel wonderful in.

xx virginia

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