We’re all in this together


When scrolling through my blog, you might have thought that my life looks very healthy and balanced. But it hasn’t always been like that.

For a very long time, I’ve been going from an extreme to another. In terms of nutrition, sport, self-esteem…

But after years of hating my body and treating it like garbage, I realized everything came from one place: self-love.

By learning to understand my body and love myself, I finally managed to make peace with myself. To nourish my body instead of starving it to look like this girl on Instagram.

To listen to the signs it was sending me instead of shutting it off with hormones because “that’s what you’ve got to do”.

Instead of complaining about the downsides of being a woman, I started studying my cycle and appreciating it (yes, even when on my periods).

As women, we’re often tempted to diet, hate our bodies, and please the needs of society.

But we’re not here for that. So instead of listening to what everyone says, start listening to yourself.

Through this blog, I have the desire to inspire women to love themselves and create a healthy balanced life.

A life they enjoy and that makes them flourish in their best version. Because we deserve it.