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The mission behind vlourish is to inspire you to take care of yourself through hormonal balance, nutrition and mental health.

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Who said healthy food meant boring meals?! Find how nutritious dishes can actually be delicious, comforting, but also easy and quick to make.

treat painful menstruation naturally

Menstrual Cycle

Talking about periods, uteruses and birth control shouldn’t be taboo. Learn how to take care of your menstrual cycle and regulate your hormones.

your own soulmate


Being healthy doesn’t only mean eating healthy food. Mental health, self-esteem and stress management are so important too. Let’s talk about this!

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Hey, I’m Virginia.

I am passionate about health and wellness and I created vlourish to share my healthy lifestyle journey in an authentic way.

After going through hormonal imbalance, eating disorders and a loss of confidence, I managed to take my mental and physical health back to control in a holistic way.

I am here today to show you that you can take your health in charge too and that it doesn’t have to be boring!