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Your body is your home.
Make it a place you feel wonderful in.

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Learn how to listen, understand & love your body to blossom into your healthiest, happiest and most powerful version of yourself.


Learn to listen, understand and love your body to make it your best ally

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Learn about what every woman should know concerning her cycle


Make peace with food and learn how to eat healthy without restrictions

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hi, my name’s Virginia

I used to think wellness was a one-size-fits-all approach, that eating healthy meant eating chicken + broccoli every day and that only people with a six pack could be considered fit.

Needless to say, this way of living resulted in eating disorders, hormonal imbalances and a very low self-esteem.

I learned the hard way that health and wellness is all about finding what works for you as an individual.

My mission is now to teach women how to use their body, menstrual cycle and nutrition in a way that helps them reach their highest potential.