Does Low Self-Esteem Stops You From Achieving Your Dreams?

Dec 6, 2020 | Wellness

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If low self-esteem stops you from doing anything, this is one is for you.

If you landed on this page, it’s probably because you resonated with the “low self-esteem” part of the title.

It’s possibly because you know what it feels like to doubt yourself.

You also probably know that you could have achieved great things if you had a little bit more confidence in yourself.

So now what? What are you supposed to do? Wait until a miracle happens? Or take the risk to fully live your life as if no one was watching?

Low self-esteem stopped me from doing what I dreamed of

If I wanted to write this blog post, it’s because my lack of confidence has stopped me from doing so many things so far.

Talk to people. Start new projects. Put me out there.

I have been living in fear for my whole life. In the fear of judgment. In the fear of failure. And in the fear of being disliked.

What are people going to think? What if I fail? What if, what if, what if…

Every time I had an idea, a dream, I told myself “You won’t be capable anyway”.

And when someone didn’t believe in me, it was it. There was no way I would even try. I would instead, give all the credits to this one single person and abandon my idea.

Your dreams won’t just disappear

The thing is, your ideas, your dreams never completely die. They stay with you forever.

Sometimes, they reappear in your head and you start thinking about them again.

But then, you compare yourself to others and you convince yourself, once again, that you won’t be good enough.

This is something I experienced many times, with many ideas and dreams. One of them? The blog you are reading right now.

I’ve been following blogs for so many years now. Probably since skyblog wasn’t a thing anymore (if you know, you know). And I always told myself that it was something I could do since I love to write and take pictures.

But there was always another voice that told me “Who would read what you have to say? You’re not important enough”.

And this kept happening every time I discovered a new blog that I liked. Until December 2019. This is when I took the leap and decided to launch my own blog.

What made me finally do it?

The fact that the thought of blogging and doing what I genuinely enjoy (writing and photography) wouldn’t get out of my head. Or at least, not for too long.

And this, for me, was the warning sign I had to take the plunge.

I have a regret though

By the time I’m writing this, it has now been one year. One year that I write every single week to deliver content that will hopefully help women.

And guess what?

I’m so happy I did it.

when low self-esteem stops your from

Blogging is so much work, especially if you do everything by yourself. But what I got from it is so. worth. it.

Not only did I learn so many things I never thought I would be able to do (like building a website from A to Z) but I have also been able to connect with beautiful human beings.

Being able to help women fills my heart with happiness. This is why I do what I do. And now I’m wondering why I didn’t start earlier when I had this first idea in mind.

But even if I regret not having started earlier, I prefer to focus on the now. On being proud that I finally did it.

Take it as a lesson

Do you see what happened to me?

Don’t let that happen to you any more time. I know that you have a dream in your mind. I know that it keeps reappearing, but you keep pushing it away. You keep pretending it doesn’t exist.

You think you aren’t ready yet. You think you aren’t good enough. Oh and, you also think that everyone is doing it by now, so you don’t have anything new to bring to the market.

But bear with me.

No one is never completely ready before starting something scary. No one starts doing everything right from the first try.

You might be comparing yourself to people who have been doing what they do for YEARS.

First, don’t compare yourself to them. Second, use it as motivation. They don’t have anything more than you. They only started. If they did it, you can do it too.

So now, imagine yourself at age 80, when thinking about your past life. Would you regret not having given this idea a try?

You have your answer.

Now, tell me more

What is this idea that your low self-esteem stops you from doing? They say that telling someone you’ll do something it’s the first step so… Let me know in the comments below! (-;


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