What Causes Cellulite on The Legs & What to Do About It

Aug 23, 2020 | Wellness

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If you’re a woman, you’ve probably already asked you what causes cellulite on the legs, hips and bum? Am I wrong?

Cellulite is a big topic. Even though it is a physiological thing, society has taught us to hate it and be scared to show it to the world.

In this blog post, I am explaining to you what it is and how to learn to love your cellulite and be proud of it!

What causes cellulite on the legs?

Before debating about cellulite, let’s try and understand what it actually is.

Cellulite is known for small bumps that form when fat cells push against the fiber bands that connect skin and muscle.

It lays in the hypodermis (deep skin layer) and occurs most of the time to women, especially when following hormonal changes such as puberty, pregnancy, or menopause.

Therefore, cellulite is not fat in itself, rather the consequence of cell structure in women.

Why do women have cellulite?

If you are a woman, you have 90% chances to have cellulite! So why is it such a big deal to have some?

The reason why women are more prone to have cellulite than men is because we are not made equal.

First, how our cells, muscles, and skin function together aren’t the same.

learn to love your cellulite

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Second, women tend to naturally stock more fat than men in certain areas; thighs, hips, bum.

“Why another injustice again?” you might tell. Well, because we have the power to create humans and give birth.

In collaboration with our hormones, the fat we keep in those strategic areas contributes to the making and the protection of a baby but also to breastfeeding.

So, are you starting to view fat cells in a different way?

However, since I’m talking about fat cells here, there is one thing to be aware of. Having cellulite has nothing to do with being overweight or not taking care of oneself.

Cellulite appears to any kind of woman, independently from nutrition, weight, height, muscle mass. Yes, even high-performance athletes have it!

Cellulite will be visible in some women more than others. It does depend on genes and your skin’s thickness which varies through time. And you can pretty much do nothing about it.

learn to love your cellulite

Yes, I have a healthy lifestyle and cellulite too!

Is there an effective remedy to treat cellulite?

Cellulite will never completely go away.

Even though improving your lifestyle through nutrition and exercise might reduce its appearance to some extent, cellulite is a matter of cell structure. Losing weight and gaining muscle may or may not help.

Spending your money on treatments, creams, and other products to make you cellulite disappear is therefore not worth it.

Cellulite is NORMAL and will ALWAYS be there to stay. The only effective remedy is to learn to love your cellulite!

Learn to love your cellulite and be proud of it

When we take a step back and realize what society is putting in our minds, I literally want to cry (and we’re far from done, especially now with social media and image editing).

Society succeeded to make something that is normal appear bad, ugly, and to make millions of women self-conscious about it.

Can you imagine if society decided that knees are awful and that we should hide them? What the actual hell? It’s the same!

The Woman was created with many superpowers, of which being able to give birth. We should ALL be proud of what we are and what our bodies can do.

So if you struggle to love your cellulite, please remember that:

  • Cellulite is normal and common, just as the other parts of your body – which you can’t move nor remove – and no one can!
  • The way you talk to yourself has a huge impact on the way you feel about yourself. Get rid of these bad thoughts whenever you look at you in the mirror.
  • Your beliefs shouldn’t stop you from doing or wearing anything. Be proud of who you are and show it to the world, wear shorts and bikinis, act confident! There is a good chance that 1) no one notices your cellulite (remember, it’s normal) and that 2) you inspire women around you to do the same.

Also, remember that the beauty industry is constantly giving us solutions to problems we don’t have!

In other words, companies are creating new problems so they can take money from us. This is called marketing and it’s exactly what is happening with everything that has to do with weight, hairs, makeup, and everything related to aesthetics.

I talk more about this in my blog post: How the beauty industry impacts our self-esteem.

This is why I’m telling you today, love yourself and learn to accept your body just as it is. Your features are what make you unique and irreplaceable!

I hope this article about what causes

So, how do you perceive cellulite? Is it something you are self-conscious about or something you are proud of? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Delightfulparenting

    Beautiful post on Cellulite and the impact on our minds, we need to accept.our body the way it is

    • Virginia

      Exactly, self-acceptance is the best remedy!


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